A selection of Colony's current functionality.


Forget illegible blockchain account addresses: Colony lets you register a free, unique decentralised username to simplify collaboration. Crypto doesn't have to be complicated.


Build your profile to help collaborators understand who you are, your profile tracks your colony memberships, as well as your actions, permissions, and reputations across all Colony DAOs.


Subscribe to colonies that pique your interest. They'll show up in a list on the left of your colony interface, allowing you to easily switch between the DAOs you care about.

Token Creation

Creating your DAO's Native Token is so easy we almost didn't mention it. Give your token a snappy name and a memorable ticker symbol, and with the touch of a button you're done,

Bring Your Own Token

Are you an existing protocol or DAO? Already have an ERC20 compatible token you want to use? We've got you covered. Simply add it to your colony and you're ready to rumble!

Token Activation

This nifty widget lets you easily deposit and reclaim your tokens from the locking contract Colony uses to let you stake, claim reward distributions, and participate in token votes.

Coin Machine

Coin Machine is the fastest, easiest, and simplest way to sell your token. And did we mention it's totally free? 100% of funds go straight into your colony to be governed by your community.


Payments let you send tokens from your Colony DAO to any external address (on the same blockchain) with a single transaction. Simple, but effective.


Real, functional organisations are not monoliths. They're comprised of departments, teams, projects, and working groups. In colony you can do that too, we call them Domains.


Colony's powerful, flexible permissioning system enables people or smart contracts to be given fine-grained authority in specific aspects of specific domains within the organisation.

Extension manager

Colony is flexible and modular, so you can add the functionality that your DAO needs. Extension manager allows you to select, install, configure, and upgrade your colony's chosen features.

Events log

A comprehensive list of all the events emitted by your colony's smart contracts, the events log gives peace of mind that the activity taking place in your colony is auditable by its community.


Receive revenue to your colony via your colony's wallet address. Received funds can be immediately put to use in your colony's working capital, or distributed to members as Rewards.


Add addresses to your whitelist of people who have passed your own screening or KYC/AML process, and/or signed an agreement. Initially this is a companion extension to Coin Machine.


Empower your community with governance influence weight earned proportional to the value they contribute to your DAO. Reputation decays over time to keep the D for “Decentralized” in your DAO.

Reputation Voting

Colony’s pioneering “lazy consensus” means governance in which you only need to vote if there is actually disgareement about something. The rest of the time, you just get on with the work.

Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is your panic button in case something dangerous seems to be happening in your DAO. Enter recovery mode and it will no longer be possible for users take any action in your DAO until the emergency is fixed.


From time to time, sexy new versions of Colony Network come out. Colony’s super slinky approach to upgradability makes adding even more power to your colony as easy as signing a transaction.


A wise man once said: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Reputation confers that power upon members of you DAO. If they abuse the trust the community has placed in them, Smite them to burn away their reputation.

Award Reputation

Sometimes you need to be able to award reputation to members without also paying them in your DAOs native token. This is for that.


We're integrating Metatransactions so end users don't have to pay gas fees. You simply rock up to Colony with your Metamask installed, and use Colony on xDai without paying gas. Smooth.