Mission 2: Memelords Assemble [CLOSED]

Skills required
Mission details


Create a meme on the theme: 2022: Year Of The DAO.

Be creative and funny.

Post your meme on Twitter, tag @joincolony and include the hashtag #yearofthedao.

Only one entry per person, so make it a good one!

The Colony team will choose up to 10 outstanding memes.

If we receive less than 10 high-quality submissions, the 2,000 CLNY reward will be split between fewer people.

Mission reward

Up to 10 winners will share 2,000 CLNY equally.

Submission process

Before 12:00pm UTC on 14th January, you must post a link to your Twitter post in the Mission 2 - Memelords Assemble Discord thread.

Do not post your meme directly in the Discord thread, only post your tweet link.


14th January 2022 @ 12:00pm UTC