Mission 9: Sing A DAO Song [CLOSED]

Skills required
Music Production
Mission details


Write and perform a 30-60 second song about DAOs on video.

The song can be about DAOs in general or specific elements, eg. decentralisation, governance, community, etc.

You can do a selfie recording of you singing the song, or record a friend, or produce an animated video with a real singing voice. As long as it contains music and lyrics about DAOs.

The quality of the video production is irrelevant, we’re judging this mission based on entertainment value only. So make it captivating!

The song must be in English.

Post your music video on Twitter, tag @joincolony and include the hashtag #yearofthedao.

Only one entry per person, so make it a good one!

The Colony team will choose up to 10 fantastic music videos.

If we receive less than 10 high-quality songs, the 2,000 CLNY reward will be split between fewer people.

Mission reward

Up to 10 winners will share 2,000 CLNY equally.

Submission process

Before 12:00pm UTC on 21st January, you must post a link to your Twitter post in the Mission 9 - DAO Song Discord thread.

Do not post your music video directly in the Discord thread, only post your tweet link.


21st January 2022 @ 12:00pm UTC